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In today’s world, it’s not enough to be smart - we have to use our intelligence

Waltero is all about solving one of our time’s key challenges: reducing waste and creating resource efficiency. We want to contribute to a resource-efficient world by creating real-time awareness and predictivity.

Resource Intelligence

We care about contributing to a healthier and more sustainable world and being profitable at the same time. Our solutions enable utility providers and industries to increase productivity, improve financial stability, predict usage, and monitor the distribution of resources more accurately.

We call it Resource Intelligence.

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Today many utility providers face the same challenges and also share similar objectives. This goes especially for suppliers utilizing water and gas. Waltero offers tailored solutions that are both sustainable and intelligent, helping utility suppliers to become more productive facing their challenges and in reaching their goals.


Analog meters are still in use in many industries today, but with the digitization of technology there is a need to adapt. Waltero can convert the analog values into digital data without the need of changing any of the old equipment. Waltero is simply making work processes smoother.

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We supply utility providers and industries with real time data and analyses. With the support of AI and machine learning, we turn data into information, knowledge and, ultimately, wisdom.

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